In this college-level intermediate Chinese class, the students need to know how to read, write and use more than 40 news words each week. In the beginning of the year, the teacher created a Quizlet group for the class. Each and every student registered and joined the class on Quizlet by the end of the first week. 

A new set of flashcards is added as the class begins a new lesson each week. All students are required to use Quizlet on their computer or mobile device to study for a vocabulary quiz. 

Quizlet enables students to learn through reading, listening, games, and practice. Quizlet can also be used as warm-up activities, word recognition listening practice, and many more activities to assist student learning as well as your teaching. 

Please use the following tutorial to learn how to use Quizlet in your class. 

For an flashcards set example, click HERE

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